Flesh Time / MAXnifiCAT

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Flesh Time This weekend I heard this term briefly referred to as the time that one would take out to let their flesh speak for their body (rather than their soul or spirit). In the “sermon” it was recommended to take 5 minutes of it… and then let the issue go. Being that I’ve had … Read More


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I wanted to put these thoughts down before I actually go about a busy day. They’ve been roaming around in my head for a little while now. I want it to be known here, in case I don’t get the chance to update my Health Care Proxy or fill out my living will. If something … Read More

Cold Feet

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So today, I had my first real, bonafide case of cold feet. Going over contract talks with our acting attorney I started to realize the finality of things. And how with marriage, there is no turning back without SERIOUS repercussion. She was explaining to me the clauses in the contract with the reception hall and … Read More

Life Together

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I’ve been wondering about the future a lot lately. My married future. One of the main reasons that I want us to have a house is because there need to be enough rooms for us to escape from each other in. I can already tell that my baby is a bit of his own man. … Read More


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The weekend went by pretty quietly. Saturday was our 10th AKAversary and we celebrated all day. It was really great to see how many folks came through. And what a realization of a dream that was for me. To one day look down a table of young ladies and realize that a legacy has begun… … Read More

He Proposed

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I’m sitting here at 4:05 AM in the same dizzy, dreary deliciousness that I’ve been in all night. I really just pray this isn’t a dream and I won’t wake up anytime and end it all… I’ve posted pictures of tonight up already and I’m awaiting more… Never did I imagine tonight would be THIS … Read More