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I am. My body is broken from today’s activities. I’ll update in the morning… later rather. It’s not human to be up this late. I guess I’m not… *

Okay so it works now…

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I was really struggling with this thing last night. Getting into a habit is hard to do but worse when the environment around won’t allow for you to maintain it. I’m trying to stay bloggin… but damn Blogger.com… they’re ALWAYS having issues. I’m looking into something stand alone. Sooner rather than later. *sigh* Always moving … Read More


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I got a chance to enjoy the weather thanks to DB who came and snatched me up from my desk and FORCED me to go outside. Honestly, there wasn’t any arm twisting. I needed the time out and the company. So we went out to “lunch” where we walked around downtown and had ice cream. … Read More

Flesh Time / MAXnifiCAT

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Flesh Time This weekend I heard this term briefly referred to as the time that one would take out to let their flesh speak for their body (rather than their soul or spirit). In the “sermon” it was recommended to take 5 minutes of it… and then let the issue go. Being that I’ve had … Read More


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On November 30th, I wrote: “…If i isolate my esteem in this deprivation tank how long might it take me to hallucinate about what i think is happening and will the process of reconvincing myself to “reality” ultimately drive me insane waking from this nightmare strapped into restraints and straddling the wall of reason laying … Read More

Feast or Famine

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I’m in the lull now. In the famine, it’s very quiet in my world. I don’t get a whole lot of attention. Stuff is really borderline depressing. I imagine my feast will be next week when I have sensory overload of people calling my name. It’ll be regional conference and I KNOW I’m going to … Read More


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Okay… I’ve been away for a minute. Sorry for that. I’m back 🙂 brief recap before I lay my head down to get some sleep. This weekend we had chapter meeting, where they decided to not “give” me GA. Too much on my plate was the citation. I felt bad because I guess, to me, … Read More


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I hate these kinds of posts because AP told me one time that it’s hard to read my blog because of the length of the posts. And I started to feel bad and then I realized… “HEY… I’m writing this for me. Not really for anyone else.” However, I realize a bunch of people read … Read More

Nothing, really

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I’m burnt out already from the events of the weekend. And honestly it hasn’t been much. I don’t really have too much to say. I joined Chocolate Brides today (under protest) but I’m on it now. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how that all turns out. I went to San Gennaro with … Read More


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I don’t have any real anything to say today. I’m kind of floating through. I took my chapter picture today. I felt especially pretty. My hair is really doing this long thing and my skin finally calmed down enough for me to put some makeup on it. And the outfit was flattering. For the first … Read More