Worthiness Accounting

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I would have hoped that at this point in life, I would have eased up on this algebra. My birthday is in a few weeks.   Luckily, thanks to my Sands Ronnie, I’m taking a week to head out to Vegas and just… be.  And I’m looking forward to it.  A gift to myself. A gift … Read More


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This seems to be the hour that my body pops awake these days. Am I fully rested? No. Could I use some more sleep? ABSOLUTELY. Did I go to bed at an hour that merits being alert this early. Not a chance. I just slowly become more aware of the room: the white noise of … Read More

Tampa Bound

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I’m on the plane now headed to Charlotte and I’m taking a minute just to write and relax. I slept a little while the plane was taxiing waiting for departure. I dare say it’s the best sleep I’ve gotten in a little while. Usually is. I was a little nervous last night about the flight … Read More

Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I’m taking a little impromptu vacation this weekend. I’m making an event of it. My sweetie AK is graduating from Law School and she invited me to come be a witness. I’m not one to go gaga for hot weather, but I have been needing a tan for about 2 years now, so this is … Read More

Tough Night

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I went to bed early last night in the hopes of catching a few extra z’s. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the divine plan for me. Around 4:00 AM I must have tossed or turned and been aware of my surroundings (because usually, when I sleep… that’s it. I’m dead to the world). I heard yelling outside. … Read More

Okay… I’m it… but not for long…

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Total # of books I own: over 300. Last book I bought: PHP and MySQL Web Development – Welling and Thompson. Last book I read: Black Power Inc. – The New Voice of Success by Cora Daniels Book I am currently reading: The Bridal Passport Wedding Planner by Denise & Alan Fields First memory of … Read More

You Don’t Eat Chaaaaaannnneeeeessseeee Fooooood!

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Yep… that’s how drunk I am right now. That upon discussing the delicious food (particularly the samosas) at the K-Lounge across the street that was Indian cuisine… and no one know what I was talking about (except for Li’l Vic…) I proclaimed to them all that “You don’t eat chhaaaaaa-neeeeeese-foooood”… What the fuck??? I KNEW … Read More

Blogger Sux….

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I’m mad as hell cause this hasn’t been working all night and might now work now… so I’m testing this out. *sigh* crossing my fingers…


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Yep… it’s 9:06… and i’m sitting here in my towel… not motivated to do ANYTHING. Dunno what to wear to work today… Dunno exactly how my day is going to go because I have SO much to do. Can’t wait to get on that plane, though. I need a vacation. Just mad that auntie’s joining … Read More