If it’s ever real again

one day. this is what I’ll play. this is the sound of being IN love and really loving: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough   *


MY movie. I am the star. Not an extra in anyone else’s. Time to get laser focused. Be ME to ME. Be Selfish. Giving. Doting. Concerned. Generous. Loving. Considerate. Obsessed. With, To and For ME….

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Just Say It Out Loud…

In Kanye’s latest “Ye”, the first song is called “I Thought About Killing You”. In one line he said “Just say it out loud to see how it feels.  People say ‘Don’t say this. Don’t…

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Ready Player One.

I’ve been kicking around a theory about this reality as of late.   I think I have it fleshed out enough to put on “paper”. This world we live in is indeed a simulation.  But unlike…

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Alternative Realities

I could have sworn I’ve written about him more, but I guess I haven’t.  I scoured the pages of my blog for his reference but really only found two.   The Chocolate Doctor.   The apparition that…

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Somethings, you just can’t get away from. In the summer of 1974, my father’s sister, Yvonne, came to stay in NY with her baby brother and relatively still new wife who was expecting their second…

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Once upon a time I was stronger And young. Fearless And hopeful Full of fairy tales and fables Of what my life could be If I JUST believed. I believed hard enough to Move mountains…

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