You Don’t Eat Chaaaaaannnneeeeessseeee Fooooood!

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Yep… that’s how drunk I am right now. That upon discussing the delicious food (particularly the samosas) at the K-Lounge across the street that was Indian cuisine… and no one know what I was talking about (except for Li’l Vic…) I proclaimed to them all that “You don’t eat chhaaaaaa-neeeeeese-foooood”… What the fuck??? I KNEW … Read More


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My girls and I had an AWESOME time tonight.  From the time we walked in there to the time we left, it was straight dancing!    I really needed the release 🙂 I’m so sleepy but there are pictures to see… check the gallery *


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That’s how I’m feeling today! I AM A SEXY BEAST!!!! HEAR ME ROAR!! (and if you’re lucky… maybe even purrrrr) hahahaha!! I woke up knowing that what I put out there is what I get back. And I HATE getting the look like “is that a boy or a girl?” So I will ONLY from now … Read More

Night Out for my Imagination

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At a birthday party for a friend tonight the festivities abounded. Next to us was an office celebration between coworkers saying farewell to someone who has been a member of their workforce for some time. One of their co-workers took it upon himself to provide the entertainment for the evening by being the communal dancer/stripper … Read More

Overactive Appetite

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So I had this pretty extended dream last night. I was seeing someone (not my baby) and we were living in a pretty nice setup in New York somewhere. And all we did was have sex. I mean… we’d go out and stuff… but his libido was MUCH more intense than mine, and it was … Read More

Demons Arise

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I’ve been wrestling with my non-existent will power. Contemplating ramping it up. But never fast enough before challenges are made. And no one knows enough about my life to confide in them that my secret wish being fulfilled. If I can just resist the urge to pick at the wound again Maybe it’ll heal. That … Read More


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In my attempt to quell the boredom, I’m burying myself under work today. And mingling it with a little “go out and get some fresh air” advice from Mommy. I might venture so far as to get a PS2 so that I can burn a hole in my retina and form calluses on my thumbs. … Read More


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As she sat back in the examination chair, she clumsily stuck her clutch inside her hat instead of her pocket wondering to herself, “Why doesn’t he ever ask me to hang my coat? How rude and how uncomfortable.” The doctor shuffled about in the office staring into a manila folder and mumbled to his patient, … Read More


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I’m sitting here listening to Shuggie Otis’ Inspiration Information and I’m marveling at what music can do. Take you back mentally to a place that you had long forgotten. What is this new feeling that I feel now? This… yearning to go back there just to feel it again. Whatever I was feeling back then. Used … Read More