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I am having trouble finding enough peace tonight to sleep. I’m really troubled, but I don’t know with what… and suddenly… I feel REALLY sad. Funny that I always offer to friends that I’m available for them even in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe I do that because I know how many times I wish I had the liberties to call someone at 3 AM and know they’d not be angry at me for it. No one ever really takes me up on it, though. I’m assuming mostly because … they are asleep. Unlike me — despite the fact that I have to be at work early tomorrow… so this being up even later is compromising my attempt to look like a good little worker.

I had a really decent night though. Hung out with my brother. He fed me at Olive Garden (mmmm… the biscotti….) we got home, watched SFU (cause he doesnt’ have HBO), then caught a showing The Best Man – one of my all time favorite all black cast movies of the 90’s. Laughed… talked… joked… enjoyed. Brother went home. Talked on IM at length with many IM buddies. Then… it was like a mass exodus. Everyone signed off (quite possibly because it was like… midnight already). And here I am… 2 hours later. Daddy’s still awake. And so am I. I’m trying to burn my snazzy aroma therapy oil essence burner… but I hope this oil isn’t for rejeuvenation and energy… cause then I’ll NEVER get to sleep.

2:00 AM.

I should try again. Wish me luck.



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