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Here goes my recap of the weekend, since I didn’t stop and blog along the way like I thought I’d have the chance to / should have.

Saturday Morning:
I woke up after having a strange dream. The climate of the dream was much like the day we had to hurry Grandma off to the hospital. That same kind of overly quiet crisp night. But this time, something was wrong with mom. She was in a terrible amount of pain and just inconsolable. So Domi and I called 911 and they dispatched EMT to our house really (unusually) quickly. Then they didn’t take her to Elmhurst or St. John’s (the standards). They took her to some hospital in the city. After working on her for a little while, they realized the problem was that she was preganant and was in labor. She gave birth to a baby girl (NOT unlike the baby girl that I constantly dream of that will be my daughter one day). And when she came home from the hospital, this transformation started happening with my mom. She was younger, more vibrant, she started getting thinner and before I knew it in the dream, I was hugging my 30 year old mom in all her glory. Slender build, petite and BEAUTIFUL. I was so overwhelmed by the idea that I was meeting her, one day I just jumped up and hugged her. She shimmied her way out of my grasp announcing “Stop! I’m fixing my hair!” Her hair which was the only part of her that wasn’t her. It was shoulder length THICK black hair. My mom’s hair is and has always been baby fine and VERY long. Once she pushed past me in the dream because “the baby is crying,” I woke up. I laid there for a few minutes, missing her very much and wishing that my mom in this reality could find a fountain of youth. I walked into her bedroom where she sat there watching the prayer channel and told her the dream, and she laughed. Glad that the dream was worth some reaction at all.

Saturday afternoon / Evening:

I spent the day with my brother, whisking him off here and there getting ready for this wedding I was attending. Jean’s wedding. Was I freaked out about it? Not in the normal sense. I went to tell someone I was going to my “ex’s” wedding. But it sounded all wrong. He wasn’t my ex anymore for all intents and purposes. He was now someone else’s intended and my FRIEND. Just like he was before we got together. Funny too… after the wedding, my baby was trying to describe Jean to someone and normally he would have said, “You know, Vicky’s Jean.” But he hesitated and decided to describe him rather as “Jean from Stonybrook” (where he pledged). Cause it was understood now that he was Cher’s Jean. Anyway, I went looking for a black dress (they requested that all guests wear black with a splash of red). I finally found one. (in a size 14… WOO Mutha effin HOO!! because I was wearing a 20 for a minute there). It was simple and understated, but there was no reason (or way, when I think about it) for me to outshine or out do the bride. So I wasn’t going to try. After the dress shopping we went to get shoes, and then went to get my mani pedi. Then, back home to get ready. I jumped into the shower and did my thing and came out looking pretty stunning. When my baby saw me, he said “Wow! You look beautiful!” And I LOVED that it was unsolicited.

The Wedding
We got there a half hour late, but nothing had started yet. One of Jean’s groomsmen told me we were “just in time”. I got a chance to sit next to and catch up with Korny which was GREAT because I missed her and hadn’t had a chance to really hang out with her since the liquidation. The wedding itself was very informal, non structured. But in the place of said “structure” there was a feeling of jovial laissez faire. They were in love… so it didn’t really matter how this day came off… they were getting married and that was the bottom line. Jean was dapper in his white tux with red rose and Ms Cherelle came out in a GORGEOUS gown with raised skirt up front and long beaded train, beautiful hair style and veil and barefoot. His groomsmen were dressed in grey and pink and the bridesmaids in pink corsets, form fitting black skirts, black fishnets and black heels with black mesh hats. The theme overal was festive. More of a party than a ceremony and from what I could tell, they all had fun — mostly Jean and Cher. We had our fill of partying wished them the best and left for the night.

I spent the night with my baby and we stayed in late this morning and spent a very leisurely, quiet sunday together. He just left for a chapter committee meeting and I’m here staring at my to do list thinking… I better get it together!

So I will… before the finale of SFU comes on tonight… bbl



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