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That’s it.   That’s the post.

I sit here from time to time and catch myself…. smiling.

I want to spend as much time and effort extolling this place where I’ve arrived as I spent lamenting not being here.  One where my soul is not in a vice grip.  Where I don’t feel put upon every single second of every day.  Where I feel like I have the bandwidth to tackle my issues individually because they haven’t all teamed up on me.  Where Sunday nights don’t fill me with trepidation because – oh yeah:  I LOVE where I work and who I work with.   I do that stuff in my free time now because it doesn’t FEEL like work.  It FEELS like alignment.   Where seeing how far my husband has come in less than a year from a very frightening time in our lives still astounds me.  Night and Day differences.  Where my daughter cheered in acknowledgment of what a difficult year it’s been.  But it’s OVER (her school year – but to her, that’s the end of our current trials).

It does feel like an emergence…

And I know it’s fleeting.  But damnit if I don’t soak up every single solitary moment of this feeling.  Breathe in all this rarified air…. fill my every molecule with this true sense of…


Today, I am Happy.




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