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After spending the evening on Saturday setting up the wireless network in Max’s basement, she offered to treat me to brunch in the morning to show her gratitude. So I woke up Sunday morning at about 10 AM and leisurely got ready for a 1:00 meeting time for Deborah’s… can’t get enough of that place. Their brunch is some itis inducing decadence. So it was Max, my brother and I and we sat and talked and ate and sipped on mimosas and ate some more. Afterward, we went walking through SoHo. I don’t remember it being soooooooo crowded. It was like… Times Square style crowded in there. Just completely suffocating. We would dart in and out of the stores based on our fancy. The fancy that had taken Max over was to get her feet out of the boots she decided to wear on this gloriously warm day into some flip flops. We went to try on wedding bands that complemented our engagement rings; the search for fragrances that we’ve loved for so long. (There’s a new one to add to my life. Marc Jacobs Blush for women… which has embodied the scent of Jasmine that I am and always have been completely in love with… if it’s possible to be in love with the scent of something. So that’s next on my list). But my search for Narciso has ended today. I purchased the Eau de Toilette that had a travel one and 5 little refills that transport into it. I convinced myself at some point that the Eau de Toilette smelled somehow different than the Eau de Parfum that I luxuriously sprayed all over my cleavage and neck when the guy servicing me turned away. And it’s quite possible, but I’m sure I’ll get past it just that quick. I got my brother a bottle of Kenneth Cole Black which I was MUCH happier to buy him than the Drakkar Noir that I bought him yesterday. (Anything I can do to contribute to someone smelling him and thinking it’s good and coming closer to him and maybe getting to know and like him).

Then we went to Kate’s Paperie where Max took some time to look through her first invitation books for her self. She admitted to feeling a little overwhelmed by the entire experience, but I’m glad I was there. I held her hand a few times and we made it through. I’m so glad we have each other. After wards, my baby scooped us up from Starbucks, dropped me off at my office so that I could get some work done, took Max and Domi home and then came back to scoop me up about 2 hours later. We stopped at IHop (his choice… always his choice). Had a little dinner and now here I am.

A fabulous day spent shopping and spending money and meandering through the streets of downtown. Now… if i can just get to a point where I’m able to do that ALWAYS…. hmmmmmmmm….



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