The Good with the Bad

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If nothing else, I’ve totally learned that in life, you MUST be prepared to take these both… as they come. Roll with the punches… and the presents. I’ve had the dark cloud of my daddy’s impending chemotherapy starting next month looming over my head. It’s been tough, because I saw him battle it once (with … Read More

What Happened to my Weekends?

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I used to depend on them to re-energize me and revive me for the perils that were to be the week to come. But nowadays I come out of the weekend feeling more tired and just barely dragging my feet through the week ahead. It’s a shame, because I’m actually not allowing myself to enjoy … Read More

dead air

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Things have been pretty quiet. I haven’t really had time for any thoughts. Sleep takes precedence for me right now. I really need to see my doctors. Something’s not right. I’m terribly lethargic lately and my body just feels… wrong. I guess I just don’t want to go through the trouble of asking someone who’s … Read More

Needy regression

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I’m home sick today. And all the grownups that are at work don’t have time to play with me. LMAO! That’s how it feels. Not like I’m not sitting here working my damned self. But everyone seems so otherwise occupied with everything else. I’m just totally out of the loop. OH well. R told me … Read More

God Answers Prayers

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I can’t believe I forgot to elaborate / tell the story of God’s Goodness. So I’ll do it now. My baby LOVES to lift weights. He fell in love with it shortly after college and he’s not stopped loving it since. Growing up, he was a little skinny boy with a big head and a … Read More


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Maybe my body is going through one of those crazy cycles. I attempt to stay awake until I feel tired… but I never feel tired. Used to be that when I was smoking, I’d set my own time because I knew that something was going to relax me enough for me to fall asleep. I … Read More


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I went to the Concert for Love tonight which was to benefit the American Diabetes Association where famous performers come out and perform the music of Luther Vandross. Which was wonderful cause I sho do love me some Luther. He’s the best. Well, Lalah Hathaway was on the bill. And I have to say… as … Read More


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fibrous tissue growth: a benign growth composed of fibrous and muscle tissue, especially one that develops in the wall of the womb and is associated with painful and excessive menstrual flow. Fibroids can be removed surgically and are not life-threatening, but fibroids in the womb reduce the chance of pregnancy. I have 2. One is … Read More