In My Solitude

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E leaves for his much anticipated much planned for and long awaited Inaugural College Tour that he’s planned and pieced together virtually by himself. So from now until Saturday – he’ll be on the road changing these young people’s lives.  He’s so excited – like a giddy little kid who’s scheduled to be on the … Read More

What’s the Plan

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People…. I tell ya… When my hair was relaxed and straight (which was for about 24 years of my life), I would wash it once a week, style it in some way that might last for about that long (so mostly a wrap resulting in a bob) that I’d unravel in the morning and put … Read More


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Now/Now “She made my heart beat in a Now/Now time signature” -Mos Def Happy birthday to me! I’m dedicating my year to living in the now… in the name of the wonderful memories I’ll extract from them to take with me when I go. Now is all we have. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow – we … Read More

Future Fears

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I was on the bus yesterday trekking uptown to meet up with a friend for lunch. The M20 seems to have quite a few disabled pick ups along the way. So it causes the bus to be at any given stop for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, loading them up and locking them … Read More

No One Stays

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I just finished watching the finale of SFU and wow. The whole episode was a standard episode, but the last 5 minutes. Good Lord. I cried so hard I have a headache. I realize that everyone has to go. This world is transient. And everything in it. But the worst parts of leaving are 1) … Read More


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Never make someone a priority in your life when you’re an option in theirs… *

What Happened to my Weekends?

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I used to depend on them to re-energize me and revive me for the perils that were to be the week to come. But nowadays I come out of the weekend feeling more tired and just barely dragging my feet through the week ahead. It’s a shame, because I’m actually not allowing myself to enjoy … Read More

All the validation I need…

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My cousin Ollie just called me after crossing the stage at Temple University where he graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude *chills* and wanted to make sure that I knew 1) he shouted ME out and 2) that he saved me a program as a gift. Man. I’m such a sap… I just sat here … Read More

An Eye for an Eye

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Festering and boiling has never really been my thing. If I’m mad about something, I tend to let it be known – immediately. I figure all emotions should get treated the same way. If I was totally thrilled and excited about something someone did, I’d be so quick to tell them their heads would spin. … Read More