Life Together

Categories: future gazing, love & marriage

I’ve been wondering about the future a lot lately. My married future. One of the main reasons that I want us to have a house is because there need to be enough rooms for us to escape from each other in. I can already tell that my baby is a bit of his own man. He doesn’t feel the need to be up under anyone all day long. And after a while, his tolerance does shorten and he needs to get away. But, there really won’t be that option when we’re married. We’ll have to be in the same household and that’s that. I can tell that he’s probably a little uncomfortable with me in close quarters. Which makes me a little scared. Cause you can’t get much closer than living with the other human being. I guess it’s part of the adjustment. Gotta give him his time. I’m probably going to want some of my own. *shrugs* It’s all new to me. I guess I’ll become an old hand at it one day.



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