People love me

Categories: esteem, figuring it out, growing, mommy in training

I constantly am reminded of how many people love me. I think it’s God’s way of making sure I don’t give up on myself. Last night at the Stepshow, before they were going to announce the winners, they pulled me up on stage and the whole audience sang Happy Birthday to me. Sorors, Zetas, Deltas, … Read More

Sick at home

Categories: bad day, esteem, music

I stayed home sick today. I always wonder if the folks at work really believe me when I call in. Then I ask my self if I really care. I guess if they were so concerned, they’d call. But a co-worker of mine out in LA got fired for lying about his whereabouts on a … Read More


Categories: bad day, esteem, figuring it out

I aimlessly spend my days and nights searching for attention. I just want someone to notice me…. To the point where if the little cat on my screen for my Office 2000 meows at me… I get happy. She smiles at me… and I feel like someone’s paying attention. I don’t need 24 hour watch… … Read More