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So… I have a heart monitor now. Yeah – not quite as serious it sounds, but I love the drama. LOL. It’s a little tool that’s about the size of a pda cell phone and it has 4 silver leads on it, a record button and a play button. And at various times through out … Read More

Wearing It.

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I had a comfort food laden liquor flowing dinner with a good friend of mine last night who was interested in saving my heart from ruin. I have recently been heart broken. And I dare say again – because this isn’t the first type of heartbreak of it’s kind. But my friend gave me some … Read More

Chuck vs. Sirloin

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High Falootin. Hoity Toity. Uppity. Elitist. I’ve been described as such quite often. I don’t really take it as an offense. I actually think it’s a badge of honor. I want… nay… need the best out of life. I believe strongly that EVERYONE should strive for the absolute best. I was having a discussion with … Read More

What you know to be true

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So – mom is in the hospital again. She’s been since the beginning of the month. And as is standard fashion for my brother and I, we dropped everything and raced to her side every single day of her stay. But the woman laying in that hospital bed and the woman who raised us and … Read More


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So I usually use the 24 hours of a new year to give me an indicator of what the rest of the year will be like. It never really works, but at least it helps me to define a positive outlook on the rest of the year before it starts. I’ve gotten, in the last … Read More

One Word

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I got this email from someone today and although I thought it would be very simple to answer, I found myself working incredibly hard to embody this person in one word. Describe “me” in ONE WORD, Just One! Send it to me only, then send this message to your friends and see how many wonderful/strange … Read More

Fighting Myself

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Okay… I must begin this post by stating that my family’s women are VAIN. I dare say most Haitians are, but that’s a horrid, sweeping generalization. With that being said, I’m having a bout of bad self esteem this morning and my rational self think it’s completely unfounded. I was actually talking to my brother … Read More


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This morning, I woke up feeling really fortunate to be an big, beautiful, intelligent woman. I have so much to offer and I feel blessed by the folks that surround me. Life is at peace for me today and I think I needed it to be. Emotionally / Hormonally, the last few days have been … Read More

Not such a big secret…

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I guess it can’t be. I keep forgetting that the human condition is terrestrial. We’ve all shared so much of the same. It’s not unusual for my secrets to be like other folks’. But it still hurts to know that we’ve hurt the same way. You would think after this many years of being in … Read More


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Okay… so I’m stressing out. Up until this point, I was fine and really, couldn’t care less about the event I’m attending tomorrow. Just looked at it as another one of those kinds of events that calls for me to attend on be half of work. But… I won’t really be working. I’ll be attending. … Read More