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So… the grounding thing is… interesting.

Because I’ve decided to place it on the floor under my desk and put my bare feet on it – I spend a LOT of time grounding. If I’m not up and walking around, I’m sitting at my desk working, socializing or watching shows. Just… grounding the whole time. So I like the tonnage of it happening effortlessly. I’ve noticed the consistent tingling in certain places (top of my toes, back of my calves) has subsided. On occasion, I will feel some tingling in my fingers or my hips. Totally random places. It’s not painful at all. I’m just aware of that sensation.

There are some noticeable things in my body. I’m having that one focused right sided headache less. Eliminating feels more normal than whatever mutant thing I’d been doing the last few years. Still takes time but I don’t feel as sick to my stomach as I’ve been. Sleep has been consistent. Dreams are CRAZY VIVID and I’m remembering them better. And all sorts of flavors of dream – not just disturbing… the whole spectrum. And the awareness of my senses in the dreamscape is vivid as well. My desire to smoke has subsided quite a bit. My alcohol intake has been halved. My De Quervain’s tenosynovitis hasn’t flared up in a minute. I’d only remembered it was an issue when I saw my hand massagers the other day like “Oh… i used to use those…”

It’s making a great testimony for me to maybe get a beach house. I can’t see myself walking barefoot in a yard but I can see myself barefoot on some sand all day.

Few reports out there trying to debunk this grounding pad technology versus ACTUAL grounding. But the exposure to the things that make my skin crawl (dirt, bugs) is enough for me to put blinders on and keep observing.

Might invest in the grounding bed sheets and see what that does. More to come…



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