Originally, E and I took today off to celebrate his birthday.  My plan was to take him around NYC and make him a tourist in his hometown.  Just like he’s always complained that he’d never…

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Seeing if my WordPress app can connect anew. Since having to rebuild my phone and all its settings. Was having some trouble with the default backup install. So this is a fresh attempt.   Today’s…

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Frankly? What a shit day. Thank God for mini getaways.  Mental and otherwise. Bone tired.   Will do more this weekend.  AWF tomorrow! YES LAWD! Avery Sunshine “Sweet Afternoon”     *


I likened it to shopping at the supermarket. There’s some stuff on the list you NEED to pick up. A loaf of Bread A container of milk A stick of butter Things you have to…

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Rough Night, Early Morning

Not much to say.  Super drained.  Super tired.  MIL took to cleaning her oven this am … fumes in the house are unbearable.  Gotta get out. Maybe more later. Today’s song: Jungle by Drake  …

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