Almost convinced….

“Touch… sweet touch… You almost convinced me I’m real.” Almost. Daft Punk – Touch Touch ? Daft Punk (Ft. Paul Williams) – Touch   *


…in my head.   Good #TBT tune. Chante Moore – As If We Never Met


Every day on this day, I flip through your pictures. Telling myself that I won’t commemorate this day. I’d rather celebrate your life than remember your passing. But it’s impossible not to think that this…

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“I watched you retreat…”

“… and I let it happen.   Because I was angry.  And I was just being an asshole.”     I thought it was me….     *


Not cancer. Granulomatous Mastitis.   I think I’m feeling relief.   There are SO. MANY. OTHER. FEELINGS.  I’m sifting through in the last few days.   But I think relief is in there.   Just wanted to…

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Cuarenta y Tres

Happy Birthday to me! Forty Three. The image is a label from a sweet, sticky, golden liquor that my mom used to indulge in on special occasions or whenever there was a serious edge to take…

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My Spirit Animal

I could play her every year for Halloween and never get bored. An Awkward Situation… Felt that way again crossing paths with someone I’d thought was a friend but… was conveniently left out of something significant. …

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