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Laying here in the darkness, slightly wavy from the effects of the Russian Standard… I think upon what I just saw. Before getting into the shower tonight I stopped to inspect the contents of the bathroom mirror. There stood a nearly 43 year old woman. I can’t even say a version of what I have been looking at this long. She is so different. When did this happen? Where did the time go? Why is it I feel very much as spry as the 25 year old in my mind… but my body dictates something so different. I don’t know how old I “should” look… but I know how old I feel. I stare at Athena the same way. It’s a reflection… yet not. All the pieces of past me are there. But she is so much more. So much more free and expressive. And I just stare… wondering about the possibilities… for her AND for me. And in her I find my youth. My remaking. My bettering. I just hope to give her all the tools she’ll need to get there. Off to bed. Work in the AM. HEAVEN helpMe. *


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