In Service

Categories: change, family, figuring it out, health

Okay… so he’s home. And it feels like the situation here has amplified by 500 million since when he left. Before he went to the hospital, I was in service for the most part… but little things they would still be able to handle themselves. Getting stuff to drink, making themselves something to eat, etc. But seems that they’ve both hit minimum mobility. I’m am the arms and legs. And it has me plotting my escape. I’m looking for all escapes. But I can’t find any. And what’s worse… my conscience won’t let me escape. For fear that something will happen while I’m away.

Then my mom wants me to go check up on my brother who is suffering from a severe headache and nausea. She thinks he has meningitis. She wants me to go check on him. Meningitis which I thought was airborne. I was like… GREAT! I’m expendable cause she’s sending me in there to go catch it too.

All I feel is a little hopeless right now…




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