What’s that scent? I want to remember…

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What’s that scent? I want to remember…
My Childhood
L’air du Temps – Mommy at home and on sundays
Quorum – Daddy on sundays
Chanel #5 – Grandma
Radiator Heat – Winter Evenings
Hot Chocolat Winter mornings
Jasmine – hot summers
Hot Coffee – every morning

My voyage to Haiti
Fresh cut greenery – My aunts house
Burning garbage – the streets in general
Bamboo and straw – the shopping areas

High School
White Musk (Body Shop) – Me
Cabochard – Mommy (when she’d get ready for work)
Drakkar Noir – Gus (the first guy i had a crush on)
English Leather – Scottie… my first… like… everything
Winter Woods – Track practice in the winter
Woodwind reeds and brass – Choir practice for the Spring Concert

Cocoa Butter – Me

… more to come… the man is stepping on my neck…



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