One Month LapBandiversary!

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Today makes 1 month since I had Peachez installed.  (It’s a working name… It may change) and I can’t say I have any regrets.  I’m down 25 lbs since then, have been working out pretty diligently ever since (despite my Achilles injury ? ). The thing that has impressed me the most about my progress is that I feel absolutely 100% ZERO restriction from my lapband even WITH the fill / I don’t regurgitate anything / i don’t slime / I don’t get stuck — and yet I have installed my mental restriction and it’s pretty solid.   My issue going into the surgery was that my resolve was constantly failing me.  I would give myself loopholes and exceptions and ways out of having to have willpower or stick-to-it-iveness.  So no matter what the plan, I failed. But with this… there’s a new little voice in the back of my thoughts that reminds me right before I contemplate a cheat or anything that’s anti productive.

You’re going to rethink this “cheat” right now.

That ALWAYS gets me right back in line.  I’ve taken all the great advice I’ve learned from the message boards at  chew my food REALLY well; wait in between bites; put the fork (or the food if handheld) down while chewing; don’t drink while i’m eating; stop when I’m satisfied; sometimes hunger is thirst in disguise so start with a liquid. And to top it off I even booked an appointment with Taft Hill Orthodontics to find out how I could remake my diet chart which fits in well without disturbing my Invisalign. They’ve all been essential tools in my progress.  I hope that they’ll bring me through the next few months and the next 25 lbs. however long that may take.  My clothes are fitting differently… folks are starting to notice.  I just need to keep it going.  Might I see ONEderland again before I turn 40? T’would be an awesome birthday gift.

So happy one monthiversary for me.  Here’s to a lifetime of better choices as a result!



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