I Laughed for 10 Minutes

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I Laughed for 10 Minutes

Max: I’m still on the plantation
Max: Are you still headed to Pace?
Me: i’m still here.
Me: man.
Me: one day…
Max: lol
Me: i’m going to let myself take precedence.
Me: i really will.
Max: hopefully soon
Me: and NOT care that there’s still work to be done.
Me: today isn’t that day.
Max: I used to be like that
Max: then I realized that I work in a post office type thing and the work is never done
Me: because I have weird dreams when there’s this much on my plate.
Me: i dreamt that I was in line to be beheaded by aliens teaching each other how to prepare a serving of human.
Me: i wasn’t having dreams like that at my MOST stressed.
Max: wow and wow
Max: WOW
Me: yeah.
Max: dude?
Me: 🙁
Max: that’s crazy
Me: i think I may need counseling.
Max: um yeah
Max: no job is worth that shit
Max: I used to have dreams about forgetting about releases and shit
Max: then I was like fuck that
Max: and they stopped
Me: *sigh*
Me: i’ve been having REALLY bizarre dreams.
Max: hi aliens cooking you up? yeah that’s bizarre enuff
Max: so I’m taking this to be a no for the evening?
Max: your job is officially shittier than mine and I’ve worked for 12 hrs today
Me: yeah it is.
Max: geez
Max: dude
Max: revolution in 06
Max: you and me
Me: MUST BE!!!
Max: we can’t go on this way
Max: to quote you: you are so much better than this

You’re so right Max… and thank you for the laugh…




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