Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I’m taking a little impromptu vacation this weekend. I’m making an event of it. My sweetie AK is graduating from Law School and she invited me to come be a witness. I’m not one to go gaga for hot weather, but I have been needing a tan for about 2 years now, so this is my chance. I’ll be gone for 2 whole days in my bayside hotel room where I’ll be able to soak up some sun rays in between gatherings and family outings and get togethers. I’ll be too far to visit my Nininne, but close enough to see my Vernie and Sharon. Hopefully, as bad of a friend as I’ve been, they’ll find it in their hearts to forgive me and let me visit with them.

I’m hoping to get an opportunity to breathe a little. I’m positive i won’t be able to FORGET all that’s going on up here. But maybe I can just… take a second, collect myself and reenter the world of craziness.

Mom’s at a rehabilitation facility now. She’s not altogether happy about it, but I think from the last experience, she sees that she didn’t really have a choice. It was that or bounce back and forth between hospital visits. So she opted to attempt to get her walking action back in the happening. Of course, it’s not w/o protest. She had a titty attack yesterday when the orderlies came in to document her bruises – aside: mommy is lighter than I and bruises if you give her the side-eye so with them treating her like a pin cushion looking for veins all day and all night, she was replete with these huge black and blues on her arms and shoulders. PLUS – since she has lost her mobility, she lays on her bed like a beached whale all day and that’s prime conditions for bedsores to form (which they have). So in order for the facility to protect themselves, they had to photograph the wounds and bruises so as to annotate that she got there with all that stuff and that it wasn’t developed in their care. Mom claims to have protested them doing anything or photographing private parts… but I KNOW – if MY mom protests something, it AIN’T going down. So I can’t imagine she protested all that vehemently. Yet and still, she called my brother who in turn called me in a huff… about “get on the phone with lawyers!!!” “I have rights!!!” “I feel violated.” So not only did I consult legal friends of mine, I spoke to a person I know who worked in a nursing facility. They all said, considering the litigious nature of our society these days, they have to do these things to protect themselves. Surely that had to be good enough explanation for mom. NOOOOPE. She proceeded to mock the credibility of my friends and what they claim to know. So I asked her to forward me her extensive list of lawyers and caretakers so that I could consult with them and perhaps they’d tell her what she wants to hear. *smh*

I need this time away. I hope I make the best of it. Watch for the flicks 🙂



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