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Okay – so I’ve not been posting. A bunch of folks have made that painfully clear. And gassing me up all at the same time. Thank you to those who regularly read. I swear it makes me feel like a superstar when I hear folks say “Ummm… it’s been 4 months… WTF, mayte??”

Well, I had a little redesign on my heart but I had to wait until my webhost (iPower) was good and ready to switch me to the new platform, which I am now currently on. Then I wanted to be done with Blogger. They make me mad sometimes – their whole system just flatlines and then I can’t blog. So welcome to my new WordPress format. It’s hosted here on my site so that the only time I CAN’T blog is when MY site goes down, which is rarely. Hence why you don’t see comments anymore, because those were through a third party. I gotta get the whole anti spam in the commenting though, because you know how the web is.

So I finally took the time yesterday to get my act together and relaunch after gentle nudges from Kimmy, Vic and MJ. (See? I heard you). And now we’re back on track.

Second Verse… same as the first…



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