Night Out for my Imagination

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At a birthday party for a friend tonight the festivities abounded. Next to us was an office celebration between coworkers saying farewell to someone who has been a member of their workforce for some time. One of their co-workers took it upon himself to provide the entertainment for the evening by being the communal dancer/stripper for the evening. Good looking boy- liqht skinned, curly hair, nice built body – and he wasn’t afraid to show/move it.

Me and my girls are sitting and drinking and marvelling at the adventures of Stripper Man as he entertained the women in his party. At one point he walks over and introduces himself (which is where I got all the details for their party. He let us know he was Haitian and asked us if we were having a good time. We gave our obligatory girlish smiles and nodded. And he left.

After the music got progressively better and we all had a few more drinks he came back over to dance with VM. I expected as much and did my habitual chant in my head “if you only knew I am the one with a man at home and boy does he have it goooood.” All in an attempt to feel human and validated cause I’m not in these situations. After the dance with VM he caught himself out there giving me a lap dance. Innocent enough at first. But the closer he got the more I felt: his body rubbing, thrusting against my stillness; feeling the shaft of his dick groove into my thigh… His body was soooo close, I just wanted to reach up and hoist on to his shoulders and ride each thrust. But I refrained and held back and maintained my composure to the point that when he was “done” he straightened my skirt and fixed my chair. I have every reason to withdraw.

and with that, I turned to V and said, “well… That’s the most sex I’ll be having this month.”

Off to bed.



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