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That’s how I’m feeling today! I AM A SEXY BEAST!!!! HEAR ME ROAR!! (and if you’re lucky… maybe even purrrrr) hahahaha!! I woke up knowing that what I put out there is what I get back. And I HATE getting the look like “is that a boy or a girl?” So I will ONLY from now on get the “DAMN BABY” response… because that is what I like! And that’s what I’ve been getting all day. “HEYY wow Victoria” and in my mind I’m like… “that’s right… drool… it’s better than you could ever imagine!!!!” LMAO! I do feel good. And for once in a long while… I LOOK it.

And I know it.

Date night was last night. My baby got tickets for us to see Raisin in The Sun. And now I know first hand that Soror Phylicia Rashad EARNED that damned Tony. SHE WAS AMAZING! She was representing for that entire older generation. The ones born in the early 1900’s who are now quickly passing. But at the time the book was written and screen played… had a good 30 more years left in them. Damn. She was so believable. Amazing actress. Brava!

And it was super sweet of my angel to think of taking me there, knowing he’s not really into theater really. But how can I expect him to NOT be thoughtful? He’s always been. And I went to bed floating on clouds thanks to him. So good…



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