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“Cause I love to hate the feeling…
don’t want to deal with the Morning after…
What can I say to keep you down. What can I say to keep you down.
What can I say to keep your love around me?”

I was reading the Onion yesterday on the way home to lift my spirits. I found this editorial in there that had me rolling. Seemed like a letter from all my ex’s at one point or another after the relationship to me. LMAO! Get a good laugh: The Onion : Editorial by Smoove

I need some calm today. Yesterday was entirely too busy and too critical. My brother constantly calling to lean on me emotionally is taking its toll. I think that before he called, I was in a good mood. Now, I don’t remember anymore. I just remember being frustrated. Almost to the point where I don’t want to pick up the phone. I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve said all I can say. NOTHING comforts him. *SIGH* and it’s not even a life or death situation, you know? It’s just… life. Life does things like this.

Anyways. Today is a half day for me… WHEEE!!! So I go in, crunch these promotions, and head home 🙂 Couldn’t be a better thing 🙂 But I still have to work tomorrow *sigh* I guess it’s all good.

More later…



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