Begin Anew

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Begin Anew Well, that was it. My last vacation day before the new fiscal year. No more 4 day weeks. It was fun and most of all relaxing. Wish it could go on forever. I could do 4 day weeks. But it’s only a matter of time before I start to request 3 day and … Read More


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I’ve been writing everyday, but not emptying out my head. Stuff just rolls around in there that I’ve been thinking of. So I guess I can put some things down while I’m here at work, so they can stop buggin’ out in my head. I’m pissed about Haiti. Moreso because I don’t understand why we … Read More

Studying with the Jedi!

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Today I’m on the ends of the earth here in Edison New Jersey studying with the Master Jedi himself! He took time off for me to come study with him and as always I’m learning so much. It’s a lot to absorb and sometimes I feel like the way I felt when I was trying … Read More

First Impressions

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First Impressions I’ll start with this because it’s the piece that makes me the angriest… then I can get to all the happy stuff that happened over the week! So… the new boss came in to be met on Friday (after cancelling on Thursday because of the snow… which only made me think… wtf??? But … Read More


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I’m grateful for a lot of things. I always am. I’m the kind of person who walks down the street and gives thanks to the Lord for the apple blossoms on the trees during the spring… Or thankful for the moon being so low in the sky and so red or yellow… and allowing me … Read More

Back from the Dead

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They’re back. And I’ve been really quiet. Because I don’t know exactly how I feel about it. I felt so worried about them because they were gone and I was lonely. But now that they’re back the familiar worry that I always had has set back in. I had forgotten how it felt momentarily. But … Read More

Diddy Runs The City

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I’ve heard this term so much that I had a dream about running in the marathon. ‘cept… I was running away from Diddy as he chased me taunting “take that take that” and “we ain’t… goin’ nowhere… we ain’t goin no where” But I heard that he actually made it through the marathon and beat … Read More

Party Train

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This was a good weekend. I just cold stopped writing for the weekend. Every night I got in was just so weary and sleepy… I couldn’t even think to write a couple of words. There’s so much to cover. So I guess this will be a long post AP’s surprise Bday Party I went to … Read More

Catch up – 2001

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So much has happened in just a year’s time. I can’t see how that is an alien thing. A year is a long time. Today’s date is June 9th. I am 27 years old at this time. And so much has happened that I don’t know where to begin . So much that I find … Read More