Studying with the Jedi!

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Today I’m on the ends of the earth here in Edison New Jersey studying with the Master Jedi himself! He took time off for me to come study with him and as always I’m learning so much. It’s a lot to absorb and sometimes I feel like the way I felt when I was trying to learn to read music. I’m rushing forward with the execution of writing novels and I haven’t quite learned the alphabet yet. Sometimes I’m just a little impatient to get things done in timely manner. I feel like I have so little time on this earth and I rush to learn. This probably lends to me being the Jacqueline of all trades and Mistress of none. I need to change that methodology. But I just need to focus really hard and breathe and take my time. Wish I felt like I had more. But he’s being really patient with me… and for that I am grateful.

We had a great discussion over breakfast today about “this generation” versus “the next … funny thing is… we’re only talking like… a difference of 5 or 6 years. But there is a trend with this generation coming right behind us to just give up. If they can’t have something right away, they just don’t want it. If it has not been presented on a silver platter, then they don’t think it’s worth having. It’s sad… I thought maybe it was really centered to some folks that I know. But knowing that W has dealt with it too makes me know that it’s definitely wide spread. Have we been Lynched again? Have they just applied new brainwashing, new paradigms of thought to our kids to quietly keep us down with out actually physically (even though there is plenty of that) beating us down. When did it become okay for us to be PIMPS and hoes? When did it become okay to talk back to our parents, much less curse at them. When did, as Maxine said in her blog, “we become punks to our kids?” We let them get away with too much and we also don’t involve our selves in their lives. We’re afraid to direct them or discipline them. As a result, they end up malformed.

I always think of the story about the Empire Butterfly. That someone came along and saw one struggling out of it’s cocoon and felt bad for it. So in the spirit of helping, they pushed the opening of the cocoon open to help the caterpillar/butterfly out. But when the butterfly got out, it was malformed… one wing was completely disabled and the legs were crooked… and it was spoiled. Because the process of pushing out of the cocoon helps to strengthen the wings and the legs so that it can fly. Has society made us feel bad about the growth process so that we ease the opening for our youth? So they don’t try? And then give up?

So much to think about.

Work has been working along… Shank is cool. He’s so talented. I feel good because I’ll get to learn great things from him. I’m just in learning mode lately. I hope my brain still understands how to absorb all this good stuff. Absorb it to be able to put it to application.


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