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Today is 14 glorious months of living and breathing bliss in my life known as Athena! I remain joyful for having been chosen to bear and raise her and she astonishes me everyday with her strength, excitement, resolve, fight and curiosity. She simply makes life… BETTER!

She hasn’t quite gotten a taste for calling me by name yet. “Mama” is something she only indulges in for a day with several weeks in between. It is comforting to know she knows how to say it. She just has not decided to say it to or about me. But I take comfort by saying… She knows who I am… She just doesn’t want to tell us LOL.

The other day we we were all home and going about our business: Daddy doing things around the house, Athena doing laps around the house and me following to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. At one point I sat down and pulled her into my lap for a minutes rest. I sat her facing me and tapped on my computer keyboard. I found a picture of us both and pointed to her in the picture and said “Athena”. Then I took her hand and motioned it to place it on her chest and said “Athena” again. She looked at me then back at the picture. So I repeated it as if to say – this is you. You are Athena. I did it one last time then pointed to me in the picture and said “mommy” and I put my hand on my chest plate and repeated “mommy”. She looked at me and placed both hands on either side of my belly. I looked at her as she glanced at the picture then me. So I tried it again. Pointed to me in the picture. Said “mommy” then put my hand on my chests late and repeated “mommy”. Again and with more emphasis she placed her hands on my belly again as she looked right at me. This time, without gesturing to the picture, I placed my hand on my chest again and said “Mommy”. She took a good look at me and then took both of MY hands and placed them on my belly. And I said “mommy”….. And she hugged me across the span of my torso. Almost a total reassurance from her. She doesn’t HAVE to call me by name. She knows who i am and where she came from. Our bond is beyond nomenclature.

I feel so good and loved and full of the joy of being hers!



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