Getting it Together

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Getting it Together

For the briefest moment, I do feel that life is pretty together for me right now. I’m not super stressing anything. I’m just kind of relaxing and enjoying the moment – which is highly unlike me.

I had a few strange dreams though that I want to document before I totally forget what they were. The first dream I had like maybe about 3 or 4 days ago. I dreamt there was a huge snowstorm and I was watching it from my window / fire escape. Just like I did on the 17th this year when it did blizzard. And the part that I remember most vividly is that there were these HUGE snowflakes… like… large umbrella sized snowflakes blowing down the street. They almost looked fabricated but I was convinced they were real and all I wanted to do was catch one (not on my tongue, obviously) but wrap my arms around one and fly away with it.

Another strange dream I had this morning was I dreamt that Jean and Cher got into a car accident walking along side of a gas station and some car was making a turn from a stop light into the gas station and hit them broadside and sent them flying into the air. They landed on the pavement and got up and assured everyone around that they were alright. But they totally shouldn’t have been. I woke up and texted Jean to make sure that they were alright… He called me back and told me that last night on the way home from a wake, he was rear ended by a van full of drunk folks… who then consequently tried to escape but when their car couldn’t get to far, were forced to wait… That whole sequence freaked me out because i don’t want to be like… pre-cog or any of that stuff.




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