10 Weeks

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Man… time has never gone so slowly in my life. I swear years have gone by since the last post LOL!!!

Well… officially 10 weeks this week and feeling good. Boobs are still really very sore but I’m still coasting through with no morning sickness (thankfully). Occasional cramps here and there, but overall, feeling good.

Toughest part so far has been interviewing these OBs. Firstly – they don’t warm up well to the idea that I’m not necessarily “staying” with them. I want to ask them questions… see how they treat me… find out who’ll be delivering… you know… stuff like that. Before I go signing away my vagina and uterus to them indefinitely — or at least until after the baby’s here. Then the other touchy subject is vaginal birth. I’ve had an abdominal myomectomy and the MINUTE the words fall from my lips the OBs say “C-Section”. I’m really highly against it. But what I’m more against are the doctors that won’t even EXPLORE the possibility. Granted, they haven’t seen the charts from the surgery or anything nor have I gone to see a VBAC doctor yet… but don’t immediately rule everything out…. that’s just not fair. I have 3 more OB interviews before the year is up and I figure I’ll give some of them a follow up just to see how it all goes. But the appointment / interview schedule is killing me – considering we’re trying to cram them all in before the holidays.

For the first time in a long time, I’m really excited about Christmas. I get to tell the family ? My 2nd Trimester will officially begin on the 20th so I’ll be able to come right out and say it! And I can’t wait for next year when the cheer of a young life in the house will restore Christmas for us. The holiday has been so laden with sickness and death in my family for the last few years… it will be nice for some Joy to infiltrate.

More to come!


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