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Well, I got here to Tampa and amidst the many “adventures” I had with Li’l Vic (read: getting lost WITH a GPS), we’re all settled in. My leg is going through a bout of elephantiasis, it seems. It is just swollen whole for no reason at all… I’m beginning to think that I must have injured it, because it actually hurts. I slept with it elevated last night and soaked it in ice water to see if that would make a difference. This morning it’s BETTER, but i can tell by the end of the day, I’ll have trouble getting my foot into a shoe again. Size is definitely an issue down here. I rented a “mid sized” car and they have me pushing a Jeep Cherokee. That is one big emmeffin car. I have to put my whole being into turning the wheel or pressing the gas. I will truly appreciate my little car when I get back to her.

I was attempting to get a little sleep last night, leg elevated and all and around 5 AM, something woke me up. Sounded like the wind got a hold of something and was rustling it uncontrollably. In my stupor, I half investigated what could be happening. Sounded like my headboard was rattling so I tried holding it in place or touching it to see where it might be loose. After about 5 minutes of “investigating”, I heard it come through the wall on the other side “OH… OH… OHHHH… YES!!!! FUCK!!!!” And then all the motion stopped. A light went on next door, briefly… and then snoring. And I laid in bed like… “oh… so … this is what it’s like on the other side of the wall…” And I half felt jealous… and half couldn’t hate on them gettin’ it in. Used to be me rattling walls and upsetting hotel patrons. And it was a good time. So I raise my glass of morning orange juice to the people getting it in next door in room 204. Enjoy these years đŸ™‚ I thought they’d never end.

Off to get ready for Annessa’s graduation. Wish my leg luck.



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