Absence Makes the Heart…

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Grow fonder. Yeah. That’s me saying it. Me who usually subscribes to absence making the heart forget. I never want to be away from the people and the things I love for too long. But I believe that a weekend is just long enough. During this trip, I’ve missed my car and how small and maneuverable it is. I’ve missed husband and how quickly he warms my bed. I’ve missed the proximity to my family because I really did feel so far away on this trip. But I am glad that I went. Aside from the saga of my swelling leg, I enjoyed just being away. Sleeping in the sun. Being around old friends and sisters. Meeting new family members. But most of all – not being OBLIGATED to do anything. That is what I needed most.

The graduation was wonderful. Although outside and the seating was on the lawn (read: bugs)… it wasn’t half as hellacious as I’d imagined it might be. I was only terrorized by one bug the whole trip. Thank God. Nessa looked breathtakingly fabulous as she accepted her JD and I think my camera did a decent job of taking some great pictures – I’ll be sure to share as soon I upload them. I got a chance to finally meet my nephew, Alex who is just so sweet and chatty and expressive at 20 months old. I was just in awe of my LS. I remember us being kids, you know? Barely 18 and 19 in school, struggling with the crises of out times – grades, boys, entertainments. And now here she is… a mother. A good one… with a loving husband and a well behaved little boy. She seems beside herself in glory. And I’m admirious and excited for her. I got to see my Sharon – who I’ve not been in touch with or spoken to since she defected to Tampa from NY in search of a better life. She seems happier than she was in NY and we haven’t missed a beat. We were right back to ribbing each other once we were together. I’m excited for her new life as well – She deserved happiness and change.

Then of course I got to meet Annessa’s entire family which was wonderful. I immediately felt at home and welcome. Her mother and father were youthful, thankful and spiritual. Her father prayed with me numerous times and I’m grateful for that blessing as I really felt I needed the words of comfort and encouragement. Her sisters were all beautiful and welcoming. I never felt out of placed or looked at sideways. It was truly home away from home. There was such a feeling a pride wafting over the whole family for Annessa. Her family LOVES her. I pray that she lets that love sink in and do her well. She needs that positivity around her constantly.

I got a little tan by the pool during her after reception. The only thing we didn’t get to do was go clubbing afterwards. We fell asleep when we got back, under the auspice of a disco nap. But when Annessa called to wake us – it was 11:30 PM. With our flight as early as it was – there was no way we’d make it and be coherent in the morning. So we opted out and went back to sleep. Around 4:30 AM I got up and packed. Then at 5:15 or so, Vic got up to do the same.

I’m on the plane now, yawnin’ up a storm.. So I thnk I’ll take a little nap and continue on my connecting flight ?


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