There, but for the Grace of God

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So, I’d like to take this opportunity out to thank the two kinds of people on this earth that were it up to me, we’d all be ignorant, uneducated, slaves to some totalitarian regime. Soldiers and Teachers. I’m much too much of a fraidy cat to go into a foriegn land with gat in hand … Read More

Single for the Weekend

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Well, he’s off on the road this weekend and won’t be back till Sunday night. Norfolk is the destination this time. And the reason remains the same… a stepshow. I really am going to miss him this weekend. I miss him more and more each time he goes away. I hope he doesn’t get in … Read More


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I remember telling him that these kinds of things only happen once in a while. I remember saying that these are the kinds of stories that we WANT to tell our kids and grandkids about. We already missed being able to see planets with our naked eye. My memory fails me if it was Venus … Read More

Questions from TLOB

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I’m answering questions from my TLOB Group here… Part A: Who am I? [Choose five words that honestly and accurately describe who you are now. Choose five words that describe who you want to be.] Who I am now: Creative, Empathetic, Self-Defeating, Enthusiastic, Worrysome Who I want to be: Peaceful, Contented, Debt-Free, Hopeful, Motherly Part … Read More

Party Train

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This was a good weekend. I just cold stopped writing for the weekend. Every night I got in was just so weary and sleepy… I couldn’t even think to write a couple of words. There’s so much to cover. So I guess this will be a long post AP’s surprise Bday Party I went to … Read More

Transfer to Blogger

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Good! This is working now! I’m a little giddy about it. A couple of things about me. I live in NYC. I always have, and sometimes it feels like I always will. It’s beginning to feel like the night before 30 for me… but I have a little ways to go. I love to write. … Read More