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Good! This is working now! I’m a little giddy about it.

A couple of things about me. I live in NYC. I always have, and sometimes it feels like I always will.

It’s beginning to feel like the night before 30 for me… but I have a little ways to go.

I love to write. This is one thing fundamental about my life. I’ve always gotten overly excited at the prospect of going to a stationery store and have habitually collected new, smoother writing, better held pens. But now that the age of pen and paper is just about done, I’ve resorted to my computer.

I’ve started this website as a depot for my thoughts and memories. As time gets on, I feel like I’m beginning to forget where I put my remember. Ask me if I remember college… my answer is “vaguely”. So… before I lose anymore thoughts, as insignificant as they might be, I figure I’ll document them here. I’m sure my posts will be long and drawn out. But nevertheless, mine.


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