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I remember telling him that these kinds of things only happen once in a while. I remember saying that these are the kinds of stories that we WANT to tell our kids and grandkids about. We already missed being able to see planets with our naked eye. My memory fails me if it was Venus or Jupiter. But with no equipment, you could see it. And I begged him to join me to go see it. Now the Sun Earth and Moon align for us to see a Lunar Eclipse with the naked eye. Not quite as rare… but still a celestial event. And he’s made himself scarce. He said that he would have LIKED to experience that with me… but… after a full day of committee meetings and step practices with the bros… I fell to the wayside. He’s probably drifted into his signature naps that he sleeps his life away in. And I… am not going to miss this on account of him. I’m gonna get some clothes on… and go stand SOMEWHERE, where I can see the eclipse. At least I’m in line with my own thoughts if no one else is.



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