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Okay… so… here’s the moment I’ve been waiting for: YAAAAY!!! My memories are up!! And I will be updating this regularly!!! *sigh* A new server… a new home… a new life! *


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I think I’m in my new home… I’m trying this out. *crossing my fingers*

Quiet tonight

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Watching many re-runs of SATC. Not motivated to do my work at all… but don’t want to go to sleep and miss out on what I COULD be doing with my day. My baby is away, saving the day with the Nupes. I’ll probably just get some sleep. The weigh-in proved nothing for me today. … Read More

Catching up

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So this week so far has been alright. Started monday with a day at Foxwoods spa with the job. Got a facial… seems like it worked really good (My skin is sooooft). And the rest of the week at work has been a little frustrating. The system has been down intermittently and has been totally … Read More

No Time

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So much to write… no time, no patience. I’ll try to steal moments for myself out of my own life tomorrow. *