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On September 9, 2021 I blogged :

I really look forward to being able to look back at this time and have that “a-ha” moment where I’m like… SEEE???  NOW it makes sense.

I can’t say that it’s definitely ALL making sense… but I think I can verify now that the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train.

I am gathering my thoughts to come out with all of it when I can.   Detail the horror… the disappointment… the constant plugging away with nothing to show for it.

All to end up here, today, when I have something to show for it.  In multiple arenas.  To stand here and feel… positive about the future and how I intend to march forward into it.  To literally feel as if a vice grip has been loosened from my temples and I can see and think clearly again.

I’m reconciling with the disbelief that it’s actually almost over.  With the reality that I might be stepping into an opportunity able to bring my authentic self and be appreciated for that.  That it may finally be getting better.

Friends have told me I haven’t looked/sounded this bright, cheerful, hopeful, or happy in years.  Fighting back that “other shoe dropping” sensation to let that light in some more.

Grateful for the lessons.  Even more so for the graduation.


More. Soon.




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