Misinterpreting the Universe

Categories: check in

Got the urge to watch my favorite scene from West Side Story last night… the one where two star crossed lovers notice each other across the room and float to one another.  The world fades in the distance, mere water colored shadows drifting by while these two confirm what they knew….  this moment was unlike any other and would change their lives forever.

I watched it tearily twice. Remembering what I used to think of fairy tales.  How dashed those thoughts are now.   Just then I got a strange email alert that I had messages in an app I’ve not used. Had to re-download and remember credentials and sure enough there were some messages there from the past.  I read and responded.  Had a brief conversation that ended abruptly and…

Well… it isn’t always the universe answering a question or fulfilling a wish.

Sometimes it’s just chatter.


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