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“You look in the mirror… you don’t like what you see? Don’t believe it. Look in my eyes. I’m the only mirror you’re ever gonna need” – The Cooler.

It’s amazing what we as human beings can do for each other’s self-esteem. Something that you hate about yourself or dislike a LOT… Someone else can take a look at and glorify it… and it just … adjusts how we personally ALWAYS looked at it. Sometimes it’s lasting. Sometimes that feeling flees with the person if they exit your life. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, as they’ve always said. But the beholder passes their perspective on to you. Somehow pending on who the beholder is…the perception of yourself can be altered. And maybe it takes someone else to open your eyes to your own possibilities and beauty. Funny… I used to hate my legs, my feet… my skin… All parts of me that I like quite a bit now. 🙂 And just in the same vein… I used to love my eyes, my neck and my fingers. I guess I had to trade things out.

This weekend was so productive for me. I was unusually focused. I just hope I can keep up with the pace I set for myself this weekend :-D. I gotta keep it together if I’m trying to make this my year. 🙂

More tomorrow… if I don’t turn in… I won’t wake up on time for slave labor in the morning…



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