In My Solitude

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E leaves for his much anticipated much planned for and long awaited Inaugural College Tour that he’s planned and pieced together virtually by himself. So from now until Saturday – he’ll be on the road changing these young people’s lives.  He’s so excited – like a giddy little kid who’s scheduled to be on the tour himself.

That leaves me and my cherub.  On the bright side, she’s on spring break so less stress to try to get her to school on time / make lunch / etc.  On the dark side, knowing Grandma…. she won’t take any naps all week… crash at 7PM every night and wake up about 4AM ready to rock and roll.    So I have to get mentally / emotionally  / physically prepared for that.

Something else to be prepared for… the silence.  Beyond the typical general silence in my head / heart.  Just the uninterrupted silence through out the house.  No TVs really (cause I don’t watch like that).  No ESPN blaring out of hubby’s computer when he’s not sitting there (cause that’s a thing).  Big empty space on the bed.  That’s the part I’m really not looking forward to.  Coupled with the fear.  My standard typical fear of being on my own.   God forbid I come across some creature…

The good part is that I’m not alone in this building structure.  If something gets really critical, I can always call to Mum downstairs.  I just would like to be able to manage on my own.

It’ll be a quick week.  I’ll make it through alive and ok.  Just… silently.



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