FBF Week 6

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14 lbs down.  Eleventy thousand to go.  LOL

I keep getting back on the scale because I’m hesitant to believe that changing how i ate started this sloughing off of pounds.  Admittedly, I stay wondering if I’m supposed to hate food now because everything that tasted phenomenal to me is off limits for the most part.  But the crazy thing is… when I do have said forbiddens on a cheat day… they don’t taste AS great.  They taste heavy and over processed and blah.  I’d rather a fresh salad or some lean meat prepped with some veggies.  I’m cheating today though… Having a sausage egg croissandwich and some coffee *gasp*  WITH MILK AND SUGAR.  Because I know that i’ll be really good all week.   I still haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve incorporated actual exercise – which I could only imagine would shoot this loss into the stratosphere.  Nor am I as diligent with my pill popping as I should be to regulate adrenals and insulin and thyroid (that’s probably the one I’m most faithful to).  But I’m seeing results.  I just have to try not to get bored now.  Cause that’ll just beget stupidity.

Here’s to transformation…




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