Mother’s Day 2013

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This has been the best one yet since being a mom.  I can only think they’re going to get increasingly better as Athena begins to understand more.

This year we we went to a Mother’s Day Luncheon put on by a close colleague of mine that owns Two Fish and Five Loaves.  He hosted us as a courtesy of me having done his website so I got the nuclear and grabbed Domi and we went out there.  I totally came off of my diet and ate everything bad and enjoyed it!  Theeny wasn’t hungry but sat in her booster chair very quietly and without a whole lot of fuss.

At one point the announcer (Shaila from WBLS) stated that we would do the electric slide to “I’ll Always Love My Momma” by the Intruders.  So I wiped my mouth and fingers, unhooked my cherub goddess from her seat and scooped her up into my arms so that we could dance together.   I felt my heart just a little heavy because I always think of my Mommy when I hear the song but I tried to keep a positive face for the sake of my little one.  We got on the dance floor and I started going around in the patterned circle the electric slide makes.  And just as the words came on… “I’ll always love my momma… she’s my favorite girl…”  Athena put my face in her hands and gave me… SUCH A big kiss…. she just held my face there and kissed it and then hugged me so tight.   I absolutely LOST IT.  Just waterworks… everywhere.  That little girl had stolen my heart and she comforts it all at once.

I’m so blessed to be a mommy.  It is truly my dream come true and she is the dream baby doll.  I love her to a point that I have NO words to express it fully.  She is my guardian angel.

Motherhood is hard – but it’s the BEST THING I’ve ever done in my whole life.

I'll Always Love My Momma



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