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So the latest in Victoria fashion is that I seem to cry alot at baby stories. I watched a few shows of that nature last night with the hubby and ended up bawling every time a baby made it into the world. Used to be something that was so far fetched for me… the idea of giving birth. But it’s become more and more real as of late that the possibility of doing it all makes me feel… empathetic to what the women on the screen are experiencing. More and more though, I know I’d like to have a midwife and a home birth. I use the “home” part loosely. I’d like to have a natural birth in a peaceful setting with minimal pharmaceutical intervention – not necessarily in my apartment living room. ?If we manage to have a HOUSE by that time, then yes. I’d love to have that.

I watched this documentary put together by Ricki Lake called The Business of Being Born that I was flipping by casually one day cause there was nothing on tv. And it just so happened to be while I was on my 6 week medical leave. I walked away from that documentary knowing a few things for sure 1) Women have an innate knowledge of what the birth process should be like… even if we don’t experience it all the time 2) Women (mostly american ones) have NO IDEA what birth really looks like because all we see on TV are women laid out with their feet in the air screaming for an epidural. It does NOT have to be that way AND? that’s more of that culture of fear. 3) There are always choices but we have to be knowledgeable. We research more for the car we’re going to buy, or the laptop we want than we do for our birth options. In 2005, c-sections were 1 out of every 3 births in America. C-sections are MAJOR Surgery and are SUPPOSED to only be used in dire emergencies. But… I don’t know ONE WOMAN (and I know a LOT) who has recently given birth vaginally. NOT. ONE. I remember noticing this trend back in 2000 and it peaked my interest then. But then it just snow balled. So I’ve always had my antennae up about it.

But I believe and feel more and more now, the reality of having this little life will be my image on the screen one day (edited, of course) LOL And that makes me all teary eyed and happy.

Can’t wait!



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