So Quiet… So simple

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I’m home. I’m safe. I’m loved. Home is clean. Personal effects that I’ve had a lot of love for for a long time are restored and in my home. My husband is breathing deeply as he sleeps off our 3 year anniversary dinner. I love his skin. I love his mind. I love his eyes. He loves me infinitely. I adore him. I dote on him. He’s still uncomfortable with me staring at him, but I can’t help it. I’m in awe. I didn’t know this kind of love was possible. I live in anticipation of the love and life we’ll create together and what new feelings that will uplift in me. I’ll speak what I’m thinking without thinking I’m “jinxing it”… there is much needed quiet in my life … at least for the last week. The serenity is more than welcome and I invite more in. I am ready to be a vessel for this new little life. I’m ready to let go of past hurt, trifling people, hateful ways, negativity and silliness with all my might and embrace the future and those that truly count. My life is truly going to be different. I’ve shed the old me whether I wanted to or not and I love who I’m becoming. Quieter. Simpler. Happier. Me.

Good night.


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