A Most Glorious Trend

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My nights have been pretty restful lately. My whole body is changing, so that’s changed the way I do nearly everything. I’m good and sleepy by 10 / 10:30PM, my body POPS awake at 5:00 (even though I wrestle with it to sleep for just a half hour more – not cause I’m tired, but because the bed just FEELS so good). And every morning I wake up with a song in my head. As if someone had put an earphone in and left a song on repeat. I’ve been trying to find a way to catalog all the various songs I wake up with because they usually determine how my day will be. This morning’s song was Marvin Gaye’s “You Sure Love to Ball” (but mostly because I heard the song just once during the day — I guess that’s all it takes…) And there are CERTAINLY worse songs… I love that song. I think it colored my dream though so I thank Marvin in advance for setting the mood.

I dreamt that my hubby and I were getting married… but it was our first time getting married. NOTHING like our actual wedding. There were far less people involved and I want to say that I was pregnant in the dream, but not apparently to the world… just he and I knew. And we were both overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. So all of this seems pretty normal — except that I didn’t normally dream about the man laying next to me… cause you know… he’s right there, and why dream if i can just turn over and tahdaaah? But lately, when I close my eyes… there he is. Wooing me and loving me even in my dream world. So when I do wake up and roll over, I’m just doting on him. And he doesn’t mind that one bit. In my dream world he’s a much more verbally expressive person. Everyone who knows my husband knows that he does use few words unless you know him extremely well. He lets his actions speak for him mostly and he is true to both. But the dream hubby version of him has mastered the art of self expression and does it regularly. What I love most, though, is that my dreams are a manifestation of my reality.

The man I married is evolving right before my eyes and it’s a wonder to witness.

Who says a man can’t change? You certainly can’t FORCE him to… but when he’s ready? Look out!



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