The End is Near…

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Well… the end of my 6 week medical leave. What a journey, truly.

I haven’t posted about my recovery since week 2 because I was getting so stir crazy I couldn’t really put it into words anymore. I started to get a little frustrated with the prospect of ALWAYS being home. It felt like I could do more and be more if I could just go outside. But then I said, well… what could I do right here w/o leaving the house. And my good ole Wii caught my attention. My work out because a pivotal part of my morning as I can’t control popping wide awake at 5 AM right now (I have SO much more energy as a result of the fibroids being gone). So I take the early morning as an opportunity to meditate, enjoy the sunrise and exercise. My body is looking and feeling different for it and I love it so much. I am just worried about finding time to do it when I’m back at work but i’m going to hope and pray that the energy I feel isn’t just because I’m away from the office… So that it continues when I’m back there. I don’t want anything getting to be an excuse in my progress so I have to anticipate what I may have normally used as “reasoning” (for instance my hair was THE. BIGGEST. EXCUSE. for me… it was too much for me to sweat out my perm every day. Excuse removed. Literally.)

So in terms of my physical recovery from the surgery, my incision healed up completely round about week 3. Even now (week 6) it’s still tender and itches, but I understand that’s par for the course with one of these. So I take it in stride. It healed pretty neatly so that I didn’t feel like FrankenToria, so for that I’m grateful. I haven’t really felt any serious movings around on the inside as far as feeling that healing. But I did get my period last week – I won’t go in to gory details for the sake of the men / squeamish that read my blog, but I’m hip to the idea that it’ll take a few months before my body is like… “hey wait… there aren’t any more fibroids… we can cut back on the production here.” The good news is that it only lasted 7 days. I know … I know, normal girl reading this. That seems like a LOT to you. But great to me when on average it lasted 13 days. So yay for progress!! It still feels AMAZING to push down on any part of my abdomen where the fibroids used to be and feel…. nothing. Just .. like… fat. LOL But soon I won’t feel that anymore.

The prospects of the future are inspiring. I might be as thin as I was almost 10 years ago right now and steady declining. The energy is up, so the spirits are in check. I go back to work soon, but I believe that this break made me a more positive, creative and productive person to have on the workforce. And best of all… There’s the prospect of having a sweet little baby of my own. The hope doesn’t stop. Neither does the prayer… and I’m doing all the action on my part. AMEN




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