Honeymoon to Cancun AKA the Swine Flu Dodge Adventures – Summation

Well, we’re on a flight from Houston to ATL (albeit late) and this is leg 2 of a 3 leg trip home. We’re experiencing a little turbulence so to keep me from freaking out, I decided to document some more. Our travels started this morning at 3 AM and won’t end until 8 PM tonight. But I’m excited to be stateside again. Happy to be going home. Feeling peaceful and happy, although a necklace I decided to wear on our spa day has given me a horrid eczema out break that makes me look like Tyrone Biggums when I try to scratch the itch. So I’ll have to get to a pharmacy post haste and get my hands on some lotrimin. In the last days we kept busy. There was no longer a focus to be out by the pool a) because I had tanned to the point of maybe irritation / peeling a little and b) the occupancy on the resort had tripled, so the choices of prime poolside venus had dwindled. We went kayaking, which was truly an experience and because we shared the double kayak, there are no pictures. But i’ll tell you – it was truly a test of the communication he and I have built with one another. If we couldn’t get it right? We would have ended up in the ocean. Seeing as though we’re flying home now, I would imagine we did the damned thing. We had to sit for a 90 minute “time share” presentation which was really a drag and having to say “no” that many times was truly testing. But the end result is that we had 3500 pesos to put towards the spa day at the end of it all. (Exchange rate is 12.50 pesos to 1 USD, so you figure the math out). The Spa day was fun. I am NOT allowed to post pictures of it (although I do have them), but I have been given permission to let you know that Earl got a manicure AND pedicure. And personally? I think they look great. He has awesome looking feet for a dude (most guys I know really let their feet go to hell) but his are nicely shaped and have no crazy problems like hammer toes or corns or bunions. And his hands are likewise. But he’d turn to me through out the experience and give a little “grunt” so as to re-affirm his very manliness as he got his nails buffed and treated. I got my manicure and pedicure as well. I tell you it’s feast or famine… NO pedis? Or 2 in as many weeks. The look great but I know that my pedicurist at home can go IN… so I can’t wait to see her. Our last dinner was delicious and entertaining (I’ll post video of that later). What we came to the realization of at this resort is that they would probably cook best what was indigenous to them – MEXICAN food!!! Because… The Japanese, Italian, and Californian food were… very interesting. Definitely not what we’re used to being so very spoiled by being New York and me priding myself on being a foodie. Their thoughts / conversions on what they considered “tempura” “cheese cake” “bagels” “linguini” and other staples that I KNOW how they should taste, really tested my perception. It wasn’t “bad” per se… but it was um… not really super duper. But the Mexican food? STELLAR!! (nah duy) The only thing they did that I really hated 100% of the time was that their shrimp was complete shrimp. I don’t want my food looking at me. It was complete with head, eyes, legs… the whole nine. Yuck. So I found myself asking and verifying everytime there was a shrimp dish if it was a full shrimp with head and eyes or if it was baby shrimp, already shelled and suitable for my consumption.

Being back stateside, it’s crazy the transformation that happens. When we were at the resort all week, phones were off and stowed away in our drawers and all the conversation, interaction and distraction we had was each other. I did dread it at first. I thought we’d get bored and be miserable for some days. But we proved to be all the entertainment the other one needed. All the entertainment, comfort, excitement, peace, confidence and partnership the other needed. We didn’t fight not once (not that it’s a regular occurrence), but we didn’t disagree or have any tiffs at all. There was indeed a perfect synergy. I told him a few times that I felt terribly selfish. I liked it a lot when it was just us. And to that he would smile, sweep me up in his arms and kiss me. It was extremely fairytale like. But we got stateside and it was more back to our old ways… which aren’t bad, but I guess I didn’t expect them so soon. We were working through problems being thrown at us by the airlines, cellphones came into play again and there was this…presence between us that was familiar but not like in Mexico. E says this trip is a springboard into the new us… the new and improved relationship that we are beginning anew. I like where the springboard has propelled us to…I just hope that what we had last week can’t only be sustained in Mexico

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