Honeymoon to Cancun AKA the Swine Flu Dodge Adventures – Days 2, 3 & 4

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Days 2, 3, and 4

Yep – it’s been like that!!! Just WONDERFUL that I’ve not even had a chance to say anything to anyone or type up a little narrative. The time here has slowed to a halt. There is more than enough time to do everything. Sleep to our hearts content, wake up EARLY, go and work out, come back to the room, shower, change, have breakfast, get to pool side and lounge for hours at a time while they bring us fresh drinks all the while. Come back upstairs, shower, lounge, watch tv, check email, take a nap. Wake up, get gussied for lunch / dinner or order room service. Truly. Glorious. The sun has been non stop. And when it did rain, we didn’t care or weren’t in it. We’re both dreading coming back a bit. Beyond it being SUPER easy living, waited on hand and foot… anything we want being a phone call away and then just a few minutes wait. Just the synergy. The pure us-ness. The millions of private jokes we’ll take away from this place. How much closer we really managed to get in just 4 of the 5 days and how much closeness awaits. Rediscovering why we got married and surprising our selves with how long we’ve been together when other people on the complex who got married a week ago act less loving.

Of course the trip is not without it’s downfalls – but none so big that we’d focus on them at all. For the sake of documentation, I want you all to know that racism is alive and well LOL!!! Most of the folks here are definitely of the 2520 denominiation and mostly from the deep south (Louisiana, Texas… lots of Texas…). We’ve gotten plenty of sideways glances. One woman, faced with the thought of having to share a pathway with us (walking towards us) damned near ended up in the grass just so she could avoid whatever it was she thought Earl was going to do to her. Conversely there are plenty of nice folks here that are willing to start a conversation at the drop of a dime. It hurts my stomach to think that our presence would “ruin” some of these folks’ time… because them being here makes me feel likewise if that’s the case. We had a few snags with the bank, because obviously, our banks like to be notified when we’re going out of the country. So if purchases are attempted w/o said notification, they just freeze the shit up. But we got past that as well. Just wish we didn’t spend our whole first day worrying. That was one day we could have been living it up :). We had a very small problem with some small black jumping bugs (not bed bugs thankfully) that enjoyed our ceiling very much the first full day and a little lizard that enjoyed our closet on the last day. However, Big Brother Terminex was IN EFFECT! Saving me and my sensitivities from any kind of bug that would enter a 3 yard radius of me. And there really weren’t that many, surprisingly for a tropic location.

I got the tan I’d hoped for (well, I’d have LOVED if it was darker, but I think I may be on the brink of burning, so I’ll give it a rest) – but I’m CERTAINLY NOT the same color as I was when I left; Incredible peace of mind knowing that all things at work were buttoned up and taken care of (even though Maxwell came to the station on the 21st… PHOOOEY, but I’ll catch him some other time…) Thoughts of mommy and daddy came and went and I actually smiled and talked them over with E.

Things have been…. Perfect. * sigh *

We’re going to our honeymoon dinner now… don’t be mad if I don’t write again till we’re stateside ?


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