dead air

Categories: catching up, health

Things have been pretty quiet. I haven’t really had time for any thoughts. Sleep takes precedence for me right now. I really need to see my doctors. Something’s not right. I’m terribly lethargic lately and my body just feels… wrong. I guess I just don’t want to go through the trouble of asking someone who’s supposed to know more just to have them tell me that they don’t know.

I had a pretty relaxing Friday, though. Got paid with a little bonus so i cleaned up bills quickly and took the liberty to shop a little. Got some new makeup, a few new digs. Treated myself and brother to a little pampering at the nail salon (me to my mani pedi him to a 1/2 hour massage). I fell asleep in the pedicure chair a few times. I really just needed to relax. I’m glad that i had an opportunity to. I just wish that the relaxation could last a little longer than just a day.



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